NiceScan Blue Light 3D Scanner

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NiceScanBlue White 3D Scanner


Distinctive features of our scanners:

All our scanners of perfect scanning quality are being sold at a very modest price.

Support of several scanning areas allows to use one scanner for scanning objects of various dimensions: from jewelry to cars and 

even bigger.

The scanning mode “without markers” allows to scan such objects as museum specimens, which can’t be marked or covered.

The scanning mode “with markers” allows to scan objects with faintly expressed geometrical features (car smooth parts) and 

significantly betters accuracy and speed of scanning such objects.

The scanning mode “at the turning table” is especially good to scan small jewelry things.

Advantages of our scanners compared with other type scanners.

Compared to manual scanners with flashes, our scanners have the following advantages:

A scanner doesn’t need markers for operation. Markers are used only to facilitate the work or to guarantee accuracy during 

scanning lengthy objects.

Even if markers are used, our scanner reads simple disks made of adhesive paper. A user can print them by an ordinary printer. 

It is not necessary to buy markers from the scanner producer.

A scanner completely restores its operability during calibration in 5-10 min. It is not necessary to contact the producer on this matter.





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