EVO X Laser 3D Scanner

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EVO-X Articulated Measuring Arms with integrated 

Laser Scanner

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                  EVO-X: One equipment, two devices, one touch probe 

                and a laser scanner. The touch probe mount is based 

                on Renishaw autojoint allowing auto-recognition and 

                no need of calibration. EVO-X is the product to deal 

                with the everyday needs of many industries to deliver 

                quickly and reliable results.

           Excellent Productivity


                The EVO-X scanners capture very micrometric details 

                  on any complex surface, thanks to the very high resol

                ution. A very large depth of field together with high 

                speed and high resolution, make the EVO-X unbeata

                ble for capability to acquire 3D shape and details.

           BLUE laser? RED light laser is better!

                Where other scanners, to overcome their limits, need 

                to adopt lasers with different colors, the laser scanner 

                of the EVO-X, with RED light wave frequency combin

                ed with its CMOS sensor, is excellent for any kind of 


                Perfect performance in extreme conditions of use: glo

                ssy or shiny as well as deep dark colors can be scanned

                easily. The driver software is automatically controlling 

               the power and exposure of the laser to adapt to the 

               scanning material in use.

evo x3e.png


Every RPS Metrology EVO and EVO-X arm is delivered with standard utility software called K-ARM. This utility software allows to diagnose 

the arm completely (check the accuracy, diagnose the electronics, set the probes, calibrate the probe and calibrate the arm in full). Moreov

er the K-Arm software, as well as other driver, allows to connect as a driver with different 3rd party software, like InnovmetricPolyworks, Ver

isurf, 3DSystems Geomagic and many other.

EVO-X and EVO-X+ Laser system accuracy Data Table




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